When we began our work with SanDisk, the brand was battling it out in an increasingly commoditized market. Their product lineups and channels largely overlapped, and yet each business unit marketed very differently, presenting a disparate overall brand presentation that could also be dry and functional.
Catalyzing change must be carefully framed, and in considering our options, we hit upon pro photographers as both a key target and a powerful catalyst for the brand. Pro users not only depend upon SanDisk memory for their livelihoods, they would also play an ideal role as evangelists, influencers, and aspirational targets.
I conducted pre-taping interviews, scripting, and creative direction aiming to bring a human face to the SanDisk brand. Working in-studio with associate creative director/designer Johnny Bartlett, motion designer Jeff Klein, and photographer Claudia Goetzelmann, I led on-camera interviews connecting the real passions of SanDisk's engineering team with those of their most effective evangelists, the community of photo pros and video creators. 
So, whether SanDisk aimed to reach the pro community or the parent community, digital natives, or digital nomads, we elevated the true emotional appeal of the pro to make SanDisk memory a hero for all.
The result? By improving the ultimate vision for the brand — and hitting each target with greater clarity — SanDisk strengthened its existing markets while growing new sectors and setting a new bar for marketing creativity within their industry.
Tactically, my team and I — including designers Michael Lashford and Ross Fischer and production designer Cindy Pascarello — developed and implemented a unified brand expression, rolling it out through a sequence of integrated branding initiatives, social media, and product launch campaigns both domestically and globally.
We engineered product messaging hierarchies to ensure that top-level benefits and supporting reasons-to-believe would be consistent across touch points. And we crafted images and copy that could be used by agencies, the sales force and channel partners, worldwide.​​​​​​

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