The Website
The homepage features a carousel header that subtly tells the material story behind CarbonBuilt's ultra-low carbon concrete technology. 
To get the site up and running quickly, I suggested creating a long scroll, with anchor navigation links to some content typically placed on an "About" or "Solution" page. This strategy allowed us to focus limited time and resources on other non-website growth needs, rather than tying up those resources on secondary pages. 
I also gave each of the three distinct target markets a way to get in touch and understand the benefits the technology offers them.
Email Newsletters
Here's CarbonBuilt's inaugural newsletter announcing they've transitioned out of the research lab and into real-world production — a key differentiator in this much-hyped but little-understood space. I crafted the content strategy and designed, wrote, and built the template in HubSpot.
Next, we transitioned to a more editorial style, committing to going monthly with the name "Concrete Ideas" — complete with a newsletter masthead, a message from the CEO, blog features, and company news. Working closely with CarbonBuilt leadership and Scoville Public Relations founder John Williams, we also developed a recurring "hot takes" section on climate tech, decarbonization, and green construction to drive engagement and personality within a largely staid industry — offering readers news they can use so our emails avoid "subscriber fatigue" amid constant self-promotion.
Some emails stretched outside the friend zone to urgent calls for action from our followers.
Welcome Email Series
I also built a series of automated emails in HubSpot to welcome the many fresh newsletter signups we were gaining — through the efforts of Scoville Public Relations — to encourage follows and provide background and news they might not have seen.
Social Media
We approached LinkedIn looking to bring a sense of knowing levity and a personal touch to a platform that's too often dry and filled with platitudes.
I also created a LinkedIn newsletter to grow our reach. And speaking of bringing a distinctly personal touch to LinkedIn, I helped the CEO craft a very personal story around the news that he and his team would be part of a US trade mission to India aimed at helping to turn the country's rapid development into a massive opportunity for global climate impact. More power to him…

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