Helping Google expand their reach by several orders of magnitude into hundreds of thousands of local businesses and revolutionize the way global businesses search, my team created numerous integrated campaigns—spanning print, digital, mobile and motion work. The campaigns succeeded in raising awareness and growing new revenue streams among enterprises and mom-and-pops alike.
It's a major challenge to get harried channel partners to connect with your brand. Working with Plantronics for more than five years, my team developed comprehensive programs that drove excitement, education and loyalty among all tiers of the global sales channel. The Connect Channel Partner Program not only demonstrated our client’s commitment, it was a wake-up call for the channel and signaled a new role at the center of Plantronics’ go-to-market strategy. The result? Membership increased 400% in less than two years.
Over my six-year relationship with WebEx, from startup through its $3.2 billion acquisition by Cisco, our demand generation campaigns consistently exceeded our targets, and in the process earned ADDY and International ECHO awards—and the Direct Marketing Association invited my team to participate in a conference panel and presentation to award show attendees.

Having ceded territory to competitors with a complacent marketing stance, Denon suddenly found itself severely limited in its audiophile niche. In addition to pulling integrated digital, social and in-store levers aimed at consumers, we also developed the product launch plan and retail sell-in kits for the channel, laying the foundation for understanding Denon's value and speaking to a new set of consumer lifestyle aspirations.
Humanizing deep technology should be at the top of every tech marketer's mixtape...

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